Bulgaria: An Unexpected Journey

This year we decided to spend our holidays in Bulgaria.

Unfortunately just a day before the departure we discovered that passport of Vojta was expired.

We were forced to go thru unexpected journey from Prague to Primorsko by car, bus and taxi.

Luckily we had friends which helped us to safely reach the destination.

Description in Czech describes the story in more details.


The weather was very nice, so we took our RC car to a dust road.

Vojta enjoyed it very much!

Internet speed upgraded

Speed of our Internet connection has been upgraded.

I allready got some kind of addiction… :-)

Truck Trial Milovice

Truck Trial event in Milovice was great! Truck, mud and tons of CO2 emissions!

Short ride in armrored vehicle was great!


I spent great time with Vojta by our friends at theirs sheep ranch. (www.rancjama.eu).

Vojta learned how to drive a tractor and was very happy! :-)

Few pictures…